Digoxigenin (DIG) rabbit monoclonal antibody, 1E5



Product Name Digoxigenin (DIG) rabbit monoclonal antibody, 1E5
Catalog Number EX-1E5DGEX-1E5DG
Immunogen Digoxigenin conjugated to KLH
Host Rabbit
Preparation Recombinant monoclonal antibody expressed in HEK293F cells and purified by protein A affinity chromatography.
Applications Any application that detects RSV virus, pseudo virus, and RSV native nucleocapsid protein. Does not detect denatured nucleocapsid protein.
Reactivity RSV nucleocapsid protein
Isotype rabbit IgG, kappa
Conjugation Unconjugated
Clonality Monoclonal
Concentration 1mg/ml
Purification Protein A affinity chromatography
Storage buffer PBS
Storage conditions For long term storage, the antibody should be stored at -20℃ and is stable for 12 months from the date of receipt. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. For short term storage, keep at 4oC for a week should be fine.
Application Dilution 1:1,000-1:100,000 (platform dependent, customers must test the optimal concentration on their own platform)

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100µg, 1mg

Background information

In the burgeoning field of lateral flow diagnostics, digoxigenin emerges as a pivotal player, offering distinct advantages essential for robust and accurate assays. Its high binding affinity to antibodies ensures precise detection of target analytes, crucial for sensitive lateral flow tests. Moreover, digoxigenin’s chemical stability enables long-term storage of labeled components, maintaining the reliability of lateral flow reagents. In lateral flow assays, where simplicity and rapid results are paramount, digoxigenin’s compatibility with the format allows for streamlined and efficient detection, enhancing the user experience and utility of these tests in point-of-care settings. With the ability to amplify signals through enzymatic methods, digoxigenin-labeled probes further enhance the sensitivity of lateral flow assays, enabling the detection of low-concentration analytes with confidence. Thus, in the lateral flow field, digoxigenin stands as a versatile and indispensable component, driving advancements in rapid and reliable diagnostic technologies for a multitude of applications.


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