Antibody Discovery Platform

High-throughput screening has enabled interrogation of the natural antibody repertoire. Our proprietary Single Plasma Cell Interrogation (SPIN® ) platform uses microfluidic technology to isolate antigen-specific plasma cells and single-cell technology to analyze native paired antibody genes.

Antibody Platform Technology

Benefits of the SPIN® platform include:

  1. A wide selection of species: Because of the diverse nature of the SPIN® platform, any immunized animals or vaccinated humans can be analyzed for monoclonal antibody development.
  2. High affinity: Antibody genes amplified from terminal differentiated plasma cells with native pairs of heavy chain and light chain ensure high affinity of antibodies.
  3. Broad diversity: There is no bias during the process of single plasma cell isolation and functional selection.
  4. Short Timeline: SPIN® technology shortens the monoclonal antibody development timeline from 4 months to 4 weeks.

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